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Forge Ease Punch Lube in small F-style containers
3512 Gallon
128 oz. (3.8 L)
1/2 Gallon
64 oz. (1.9 L)
3512 Quart
32 oz. (.95 L)
3512 Pint
16 oz. (.47 L)


Punch and die forging lubricant for hand and machine forging. Prevents or reduces punch sticking, reduces die wear, increases depth of penetration.

A safe clean graphite free water soluble lubricant used for hot forging steel parts and blacksmith hand and press punching. This product can be used for most forging operations to reduce tool wear and improve forging quality. Undiluted concentrate repackaged in small quantities by DEMPSEYS FORGE for the blacksmith or small forge shop.

A water soluble alkaline salt lubricant used for hot forging steel parts. This product can be used for most hot forging operations and is an exceptional punch lube.

Reduces wear and tear on tools.
Clean, no smoke, no dirty black residue
Improves forging quality
Environmentally Friendly
Undiluted concentrate packaged in convenient plastic F-style handled jugs.

A forge lubricant should be used for all types of punching, hot or cold. For hot punching blacksmiths have used everything including beeswax, axle grease, coal dust, graphite with soap, Never Seize and other proprietary mixtures. Any of these is better than nothing but none perform like a commercially formulated alkaline salt lubricant.

Hot punching with Forge Ease 3512 takes less effort and reduces wear on tools. In industry. Forge Ease 3512 is diluted with water and sprayed onto dies between parts. In the blacksmith shop warm tools are dipped in diluted lube as they are used. Besides use on punches and hot cuts. Forge Ease 3512 can be used on any cavity die, clapper die or character punch to reduce wear and let the metal flow more easily. This improves detail on letter and hallmark or touch mark stamps.

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Adobe PDF Document FUCHS Forge Ease Technical Data Factory information sheet.

Adobe PDF Document FUCHS Forge Ease 3521 SDS Material Safety Data Sheet.

Adobe PDF Document Forge Ease instructions Dempseys Forge User Instructions.

Forge Ease 3512 replaces Henkle P3-FORGE 165 and SealRelease 920 which are no longer available.
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