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Anvils, Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, наковальня Stake, sheet metal, forming.

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils Anvil Gallery

Andy Mason Tool Collection

Four Sheet Metal Stakes

Half Moon, Knife, square and elliptic stakes

Half Moon, Knife, Square and Elliptical Sheet Metal Stakes

Photos provided by Andy Mason, UK, digitally processed and grouped by Jock Dempsey.

These are all forged sheet metal working tools. From the top down, Half Moon or Half Round Hatchet, Knife, Square, and Elliptical.

Half Moon Stake
These often have a sharp beveled edge. This one curved to the edge or has worn or been modified. This is a one piece steel forging from round stok that probably started with an upset then was forged open die.

Marked HRR & Co

Knife Stake
These have a long straight 45° beveled edge. All are welded to the shank by one means or another. This one has had the taper modified.

Square or Flat Stake
These come in two varieties. Sqaure and flat have 90° edges. "Squaring" have relieved edges of about 85°. This stake is forged wrought iron with a steeled face. Rectangular 3.25 x 2.75" (83 x 70 mm).

Steeling of sheet metal tools was a production process well into the 20th century long after other industries had changed to all steel tools.

Elliptical Stake
This small stake is unusual in that it has a tapered shank. Most small tools of this sort had straight or nearly straight shanks to fit into holders of various sorts, usully the long arm type. This shape is seen in small jewelers and silversmiths tools up through heavy sculptural tools.

These stakes all have average shanks from 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" (32 to 38 mm). The Half Moon stake is about 17" (430 mm) long.


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