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Antiques and Collectibles, Old Brass Souvenir Anvils ebay.

Anvils, Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, наковальня Stake, sheet metal, forming. Anvil Gallery

Andy Mason Tool Collection, UK

Group of T-stakes and cone stakes

Antique Sheet Metal Working Stakes and Blacksmith Anvils

Photos provided by Andy Mason, UK, digitally processed and grouped by Jock Dempsey.

Andy's collection includes swage blocks, anvils, stakes and other blacksmithing and metalworking tools. The ages range from 17th or 18th century to 20th century tools. Many of these tools are disticntly English or European and not seen in North America or most known publications.

Like many old tools the age and origins are often hard to determine. Many of these could be Continental as easily as English.

Sheet metal working stakes are used by a variety of industries. Artists use them to produce large and small sculpture. The early autobody and aircraft industry used them extensivly along with the English Wheel and other sheet metal forming machinery. Besides the commercial sheet metal business they are still used in custom autobody work and low production air craft construction. Armourers and artists use many of the same tools. long arced extinguisher T-stakes

1.   Two Unique T-Stakes
A pair of stakes obviously made by the same manufacturer. Cast steel.
Unique Short Cone Stake

2.   Unique Short Cone Stake
A type not seen in catalogs. Cast steel or ductile iron.

3.   Two Heavy Dome Stakes
Appear to be cast.
Four mushroom stakes

4.   Four Mushroom Stakes
Common stakes, one cast, three forged.

Group of antique T-stakes and a tunnel stake
Old English anvil marked with an S.

5.   Old English S Anvil
Another distinctive S anvil.
Old Stake Anvil

6.   Old Wrought Iron English Stake Anvil
Anceint forged blacksmiths stake anvil
T stake thumbnail image

7.   Round and Square Heal Long arm Stake
Forged stake with steel inserts.
Tunnel Stake thumbnail image

8.   Tunnel Stake
Listed in catalogs but rarely seen. Forged.
Half Moon, Knife, square and elliptic stakes 9.   Group of Four Stakes . . more . .
Four sheet metal stakes, Half Moon, Knife, Flat and Elliptical.

Mystery Anvil thumbnail image
10.   Mystery Anvil
Its definitely a 19th century anvil but what was it used for?
Flash slide show.

Half Moon Stakes thumbnail image
11.   Four More Half Moon Stakes

Hand Forged Stake thumbnail image
12.   Hand Forged Knife Stake
Old forged stake with forge weld. Details of three knife stake welds

Hand Forged Stake thumbnail image
13.   Odd Group of Junk Stakes
Odd, modified and worn out old stakes.

14.   Large Combination Stake
Graceful cast stake.


Beakhorn Stake
Stakes and Stake Anvils page

Stake Names (American English)

Beakhorn Stake

Stake Shank Taper Poll
Help us collect data on stake shank tapers.

Steak or Stake Anvil Humor
"Steak" Anvil Humor
A cartoon by the anvilfire guru. From the anvilfire comic page featuring Frank Tabor, The Great Nippulini and others.

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