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Edition 38 - Page 2 of 8 May 20, 2005
Jim PawPaw Wilson Passes
Friday May 13, 2005
Jim Paw-Paw Wilson - Photo by Sheri Wilson   Jim and wife Sheri
Tennesee Fall Homecoming 2003
Jim Paw-Paw Wilson, Patriot, Blacksmith, Chairman of Cybersmiths International and author of The Revolutionary Blacksmith, passed away today.    Jim is survived by his wife Sheri, 4 children and 27 foster children. He died of respiratory failure after a bout of pneumonia trigerred by zinc fume fever.   Jim was my best friend and traveling companion. We shall all miss him.

In 1999 Paw-Paw wrote the following for the recently departed Francis Whitaker. Even though he would not call himself a "master" it applied equaly to himself.

Requim for a Master

at Bethabara Park Photo by Sheri Wilson   Gang at Bethabara Park Photo by Sheri Wilson Left, Paw-Paw in costume at Bethabara Park.
Above another year with Joe-Joe Rotenbury, PPW, myself and long time friend Jim Lewis at right.

Not too long after meeting Paw-Paw on-line he talked Bethabara Park of Winston-Salem into buying my old portable shop trailer and repairing it. Over a period of 5 years they replaced the deck, roof, forge pan and axels. He traveled much farther with it than I had and wanted to travel farther.
Far left, gandaughter Sandra on the bellows, son Jim Jr. giving hammering advice to grandson Johnathan and apprentice Chase (right). The Last Demo

Before Jim's death he had asked me to do his May 14th demo at Bethabara Historical Park in Winston Salem, NC. His wife Sheri also wanted this last demo.

It was a sad day as many folks cam looking for Paw-Paw and we had to break the news. Instead of doing the demo myself I gave Paw-Paw's grandchildren and apprentice lessons in making leaves and let them do the demo.

For me this was a doubly sad day. For as long as Paw-Paw was the Bethabara demonstrator I still had use of my old portable shop on ocassion. Now I will no longer see or use it again either. . .

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