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Edition 38 - Page 3 of 8 May 20, 2005
Jim PawPaw Wilson Passes
Lighting the Forge, Defacing his mark
His way  We lit the forge the way Paw-Paw did it. Grandaughter Sandra adding coal to the fire. Other family and friends in attendance.
Left Myself with the oil, Jim's wife Sheri adding kindling, son Jim Jr. watching.
Daughter Avis  adding coal to the fire
Grandson Johnathan defacing the touchmark Grandaughter Sandra defacing the touchmark as I hold the chisel.
Book 3 chapter 5 - Illustration by Jock Dempsey
Apprentice Chase Utter  taking the last cut.

Paw-Paws Fiction becomes reality.

In his book The Revolutionary Blacksmith the central character defaces the master's mark after his death so that no one else can use it.

LEFT Book 3 chapter 5 - Illustration by Jock Dempsey

First Smoke, His flag at half mast 
Paw-Paw had made ringing of the anvil at the passing or a smith an international tradition and imortalized it in his writing. If for nothing else, let us not forget him for this.

As Paw-Paw had organized for Francis Whitaker in 1999, comerated by his touching Requim for a Master and described in his book, we ended the evening by solemly and with tears in our eyes, ringing his anvil 64 times. Sixteen family members each rang the anvil 4 times at a death march pace. Goodby old friend.

Photos by Jim McGuiness
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