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Edition 38 - Page 7 of 8 May 20, 2005
NC-ABANA at OakHill Ironworks
Home of the BigBLU Hammer
Gang Striking

THIS is how it used to be done! When heavy forging was to be done a crew with sledge hammers did the job. Here a large head is being forged on an oversize spike.

I have seen as many as 15 men striking on one piece. . .
Before and after the meet we played in the forge. The evenings before and after this meet is where all the fun happens. . . Here Dean is giving power hammer lessons after the meet.

Besides demos and lessons there was also tailgating and sales. Blacksmith Supply, Ingersol Rand Compressors and Klingspor Abrasives attended.
Forging a Leaf

Freehand forging big hand sized leaves from 1" bar stock in a couple heats is a joy on the BigBLU.
Steve Barringer of the Power Hammer School is finishing a ball I started.

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