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Edition 38 - Page 5 of 8 May 20, 2005
Jim PawPaw Wilson Memorial Hammer-In
Saturday June 18, 2005
Chase and I building a fire in Paw-Paws forge after the formalities. I demonstrated making a leaf from flat bar and a leaf on the power hammer. Chase was Paw-Paw's apprentice and dutiful helper.

Chase helped build Paw-Paw's shop but did not get a chance to work in it. This summer he will get his chance we work with some of Paw-Paw and Sheri's grandchildren to make a railing for deck.
Monica Babbs  CSI Editor, siteing Paw-Paw's black powder rifle made by Alan Longmire. Alan Longmire (white hat) and Bob Harasim looks on.

Above Gene McGinnis cranking the forge, Monica looking on as I watch the heat.
Above Bob Harisim, Monica, myself and Gene McGinnis. Sheri Wilson talking to Melissa Sulivan in back.
Jim Lewis and Gene McGinnis  Gene won a bannana stand in Iron-in-the-Hat made by Jim (making touchups on the finish). Bob Harasim giving Bill Alston a forging lesson.
Glenn Conner and Monica Babbs, Glenn not paying attention. . . This was a typical summer family event, the kids all playing in the hot tub. We also had an Iron-in-the-Hat which thanks to generous donations and ticket purchases covered expenses.
Dale Poulliot CSI board member, playing the pipes. He played Amazing grace, Danny Boy and finished with Taps. We all cryed with the playing of Taps and this ended the day. Paw-Paws Boots and Beret with the photo array assembled by the family.
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