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Anvils, Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente Anvil Gallery

The anvilfire guru's Anvil Image Collection.

Since before starting anvilfire over a decade ago the anvilfire guru has been taking and collecting anvil images. Many were taken himself, many submitted by others and used with permission.

Due to the time span and various sources the quality of these images varies greatly. Many are from early low resolution digitals and others from reduced size on-line ad images.

Hornless 5th Foot anvil
1. Classic 5th Foot Colonial Anvil
NEW Image! Graceful and symetrical hornless anvil from the Greenwood collection.
Austrian Anvil
2. Old Austrian Anvil
Gracefuly worn Old Austrian anvil.
Old Colonial English Anvil
3. Colonial Anvil
Two views of Old English "colonial" anvil.
Cutler, Knifemaker, Pen Knife maker anvil
4. Classic Heavy Cutlers Anvil
19th Century cutlers' anvil.
Large German Anvil 500kg
5. Heavy German Anvil
Old German anvil spotted in Brazilian train station.
William Foster English Anvil
6. William Foster Anvil
Classic 19th Century English anvil.
English Farriage Makers Anvil
7. Carriage Makers Anvil
Classic 19th Century English anvil with side table or clip horn.
Peter Wright English Anvil
8. Peter Wright
Classic Peter Wright anvil.
Kohlswa Cast Steel Anvil
9. Kohlswa Anvil
Product Photo of Kohlswa anvil by Jock Dempsey
Late Fisher-Norris Eagle Anvils
10. Late Fisher-Norris Anvil
Fisher cast-iron and steel anvil with original paper label.
11. Hay-Budden Anvils
A 52 pound Hay-Budden setting on a 525 pound Hay-Budden. Photo by Ryan Wason. And a small H-B on an 800 pound H-B from the anvilfire NEWS.
Peddinghaus anvil thumbnail
12. Peddinghaus Anvils
Product photos by Jock Dempsey
13. Guru's Tool Collection
Blacksmiths equipment photo by Jock Dempsey with anvils and swage blocks.
small jewelers anvil
14. 18th Century Jewelers Anvil
Small hardened and tempered jewelers anvil from the Josh Greenwood Collection.
Alasi_alus Estonian Anvil
15. Anvil from Estonia
Anvil photo sent to us for our iForge anvil stand article by Mart Salumaa.
Classic European Double Horned Anivl
16. European Classic
Anvil photo from Paul Parenica
Signed European Anvil
17. Signed European Anvil
Anvil photo from Paul Parenica
farriers Anvils
18. Two Farriers' Anvils
Two modern horseshoer's anvils. One from the Oklahoma Horseshoer's School and one unmarked.
Traditional Chinese Anvil
19. Chinese Anvils
Three traditional Chinese anvils and a Chinese blacksmith scene painting.
TFS Smithy Special Anvil
20. TFS Smithy Special
Delta TFS 400 pound "smithy special" photo and details, link to review.
European Double Horn
21. European Double Horn
Similar to the anvil from Estonia above. This anvil has an unmatched symmetry.
Lap Anvil Collection
22. Lap Anvils
A collection of five laptop anvils seen at the CSI Hammer-In 2007.
Vanadium Steel Anvil
23. Vanadium Steel Anvils
Two fine examples of this cast steel line seen at the CSI Hammer-In 2006.
Added, 1935 Montgomery Wards ad page with prices.
All in one tool
24. Champion Combo Tool No. 30
Champion Blower and Forge Combination Repair Outfit No. 30 or Six-in-One with forge, anvil, vise, drill and grinder. Includes full catalog page and links to similar items.
Beakhorn Stake
25. Stakes, Stake Anvils and T-Stakes
Over 30 old and new stakes, terms uses, names and links to others in our collection.
Two jewelers anvils
26. Two Jewelers' Anvils
Currently available jewelers' anvils.
Foundry Pattern
27. Boxed Farrier Anvil Pattern
Mold box mounted pattern seen at SOFA QuadState in 2005.
Includes definitions of foundry pattern types.
Anvil Hardie Tool set
28. Anvil Hardy (hardie) tools
Tools seen at the Southeast Blacksmithing Confernece in 2004.
Phil Cox mini anvils.
29. Two Phil Cox Mini Anvils
Hand forged and polished steel miniature anvils.
Split Foundry Pattern
31. Small Split Anvil Pattern
Two piece wood foundry pattern.
Image before and after tn
32. Before and After
Image repair and enhancement for publication.
Scilian Anvil
33. Sicilian Anvil
Sicilian Blacksmith family with anvil and bellows.
34. Euroanvil
Euroanvil blacksmiths anvil made in the Czech Republic.

Anvil collection images
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