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Edition 42 - Page 13 of 25 September 30, 2008

SOFA 2008 - Pipe Bending &
Leaves from angle iron

Jack Brubaker's work is beautiful and distinctive. He has been producing this style of work for many years. Uing pipe has several advantages. First it makes lighter weight structures than solid. Second, it is hollow so wires can be pulled and pieces nested inside each other. Last, if you know how to work pipe it can be easier than solid.

Leaves made from angle automatically have a nice thick ridge spine. While some time is required to cut the blamks it is offset by how easy the leaves are to make afterward.
The first step is to close the ends of the pipe. Schedule 40 (normal thickness) pipe in 1", and 3/8" were used in the demo.

Filling with Sand

Sharp dry sand blasting sand is being used but any dry sand will work. Taping on the pipe will help the sand settle good and tight. After filling the pipe is put into the forge and heated to close the second end.

Closing Second End

Once the second end is closed it is time to heat the pipe to bend it.

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September 30, 2008
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