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Edition 42 - Page 14 of 25 September 30, 2008

SOFA 2008 - Pipe Bending &
Leaves from angle iron

Bending the pipe is relatively easy in a vice with the 10 foot length of the pipe as a handle. Jack also uses bending forks and pry bars to get the bends the way he wants them. Bent and curled up pipe

After bending various curls and loops in the pipe Jack takes the pipe and cuts off pieces with long sloping angled ends. These bent ends may fit other pieces or create a sinous blended look. Art Nuevo lamp by Jack Brubaker
Adjustable Leaf Template
Jack clamps this template onto the angle iron and uses a plasma torch to cut out the leaf shape. Then he grinds and finishes the edges with a smooth radius. The tip of the leaves are thinned to prevent ending up rounded when flattened. Leaf blank drawing by Jock Dempsey Leaf Blank and Welding
The leaf blank is a simple spear shape with a collar. To attach to a stem after it is shaped it is arc welded then the the legs of the angle wrapped and overlaped. After wrapping a good fillet weld is made to fill in the step. This is then all forged to blend in.
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September 30, 2008
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