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Edition 42 - Page 20 of 25 September 30, 2008

SOFA 2008 - Lorelei Sims Teaches

Lorelei Sims and class
The first Beginners' Class with Lorelei Sims

When we heard that Lorelei was going to teach classes at SOFA it cinched our decision to attend. My helper and blacksmihging student Sandy Wilson (Paw-Paw's granddaughter) has studied Lorelei's book and is writing a review of it for anvilfire. So we thought this would be a great opportunity.

I had noticed there was no sign up information in the SOFA packet so we asked as soon as we arrived. We were told it was to be a lottery for four openings, the winners taking the class, everyone else watching. A little disappointed we kept our spirits up and hoped for the best.

When the lottery was announced it was decided to run four one hour classes instead of one or two longer classes. There were 21 people and 16 slots to fill. Not bad odds. Luckily Sandy had a ticket for the first class. Someone also gave her a ticket for a 2:00 class. That was then given to someone else.

An hour was not much time to try to do something with a mixed group in both age (12 to 35) and experence (none to more than just beginning).
Lorelei demonstrating the project. The students just barely had time to do two small projects from 1/8" x 1/4" stock and 1/4" diameter round. The first was to make a double twist in a piece of flat stock then turn it into a braceket. The second was to forge two round points then bend it into a decorative piece. Handling these small pieces was new to Sandy. I've had her forging points on 1/2" square bar and then leaves from the points. She was used to using tongs but not for such little pieces.
Sandra (Sandy) Wilson Scrolling a bracelet on the horn of the anvil.

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September 30, 2008
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