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Edition 42 - Page 24 of 25 September 30, 2008

Fire at Peter Buchanan's Black Lion Forge

Fire Damage - Worse than it looks
While the building is still standing it will have to be demolioshed.

fire fire fire: Pete announced. . .
Friday night (September 19, 2008) I had a rather large shop destroyed ALL of my electric toools....welder, kidder hydraulic metal worker, hydraulic press... my 2x72'belt grinder...air compressor chop saw..both band saws drill press... All my electric hand tools(grinders porta band..nibblers..drills)the list goes on(esp my stash of fine woods/antlers)..... I'm at a real insurance... If you guys could send me some prayers and postive energy I would be in you debt.... Thanks
Donations of tools, equipment or money may be sent to:
Peter Buchanan
Black Lion Forge
3310 Sweet Hollow Rd.
Big Island, VA 24526
General Fire Damage

Old HD Craftsman Drill Press. . .

Guru says - I know Pete fairly well. He spent a ton of time building up the Blue Ridge Blacksmiths Association only to have others take the membership and run. He spent years wheeling and dealing to amass the tools he had and was always generous and honest in his trades. He thought of other smiths first when making trades. He is also a typical starving artist type that managed to do enough to get along but that was it. Fire, health, life insurance. . whats that?

Anything you send to him will be put to good use and well appreciated.

Since then. . It turns out that some of the loss MIGHT be covered under his parent's home and farm insurance but they are still waffeling. The building, if paid for may not be rebuilt and Pete may be looking for a new shop location. Cleanup has been delayed as there is not yet a dumpster on site.

While ABANA and the CBA are raising funds for the shop of Sergiy and Olga Polubotko of the Ukraine that was damaged by floods we have ours at home to help as well. . .

. . Chinese Blacksmith Statue, Earthquake . .
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September 30, 2008
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