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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

Antiques - things more valued for their age and ancient style than present utility.

Collectibles - more valued for their intrinsic nature and their investment value.

For working tools see Blacksmith Tools and Shop Tools
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   FOR SALE  Rail Road Touchmark:
thumbnail "N&WRY" Handled metal stamp from the Norfolk and Western blacksmith shop in Roanoke VA. Punch is 5-1/4" long and 1-1/2" wide. The wood handle is 17-1/4" long. Letters stand for "Norfolk & Western Rail Yard"

This a very rare and unique collector's item from a world renowned rail road shop

Norfolk and Western Rail Yard Blacksmith Shop Stamp

Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Sunday, 03/02/2020 17:14:21 EDT

   FOR SALE  Gilbert Company metal puzzles:
Set of 21 iron ring and link separation puzzles in original box with pamphlet of directions. Dates from 1920. Price includes shipping in the U.S.

Listed by : Frank Turley - Monday, 07/04/11 07:11:17 EDT

   FOR SALE  Bickern (Stake Anvil):
Bickern (Stake Anvil) out of Texas. Overall height 21.5"; horn-point to horn-point 19.75"; spike length 4"; body 2" square with chamfering. Slight horn droop and central face is mushroomed. Surface pitting. Assumed to be all wrought iron.

Listed by : Frank Turley - Saturday, 06/16/12 10:54:21 EDT

   FOR SALE  Coal forge Anvil:
Forge with hood. Blower spins freely.
I am in Albemarle Co Virginia.
Photos available upon request.
I can’t sort out creating an account so I can’t post them.

Listed by : Robert Smith - Sunday, 06/21/20 13:28:18 EDT

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