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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

New and Used Welding Equipment and supplies. Oxy-Acetylene, Arc, MIG, TIG, Plasma, LASER.

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Sunday Jul 5, 2020 - 31/52
Many North American buyers of welding equipment try to get away with low voltage (115-120V) arc welders. While these DO work you should always go for the 220-240V machine unless you have no other choice. The reason is that a low voltage appliance can only do half the work of a similar high voltage appliance on the same electrical service. A 120V device uses only one side of a two sided system. A 30A 120V fuse or breaker only operates on one wire while a 30A 240V fuse or breaker controls two. Twice the power at the same amperage. The high voltage machine is a little more trouble to hook up but is well worth the effort. -guru

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