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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

New and Used Welding Equipment and supplies. Oxy-Acetylene, Arc, MIG, TIG, Plasma, LASER.

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Tuesday Jan 25, 2022 - 25/52
Welding machines are rated by maximum power and duty cycle per 10 minutes. A 100% duty cycle would mean full power 24 hours a day. Most machines are rated much less. A 50% duty is full power operation for 5 minutes and 5 minutes cool down. Using less than full capacity increases the duty cycle proportionately. A common AC buzz box with a 20% duty cycle at 200 amps will have a 60% duty cycle at 125 amps. When stick welding it is difficult to weld continuously thus the weldor's skills are part of the duty factor. In general a 20% duty factor 200 amp machine can be run without break using 1/8 inch rods under typical welding conditions. Check your operators manual for details. - guru

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