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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

Scrap, Excess Materials, Structural Steel (beams), Junkyard tool steel, Drops.

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   FOR SALE  Hydraulic Cylinders:
$30 - $60  
thumbnail Six used rebuilt lift truck cylinders good for building various types of machinery, benders, forge presses. . .

Sizes vary, from 1-3/4" to 3-1/2" bores, more on detail page.

Located in Boonville, NC - will pack and ship by UPS.

Cylinders Details

Listed by : - guru - Sunday, 05/13/12 17:05:44 EDT

   FOR SALE  Metal -purchased but never used:
Thousands of dollars worth of unused metal. Make me a fair offer and take it please. 647.633.1725

Listed by : Tim - Monday, 01/05/15 10:52:26 EST

   FOR SALE  3/4 1045 round bar:
$1.5/linear foot  
3/4" round bar, 1045. Selling for $1.50/foot, I can cut to length at no charge(within reason) and ship via UPS or USPS. Shipping will be extra depending on quantities and location.

Listed by : Brian Yates - Tuesday, 08/22/17 09:32:41 EDT

   FOR SALE  Pure Iron:
Pure Iron for blacksmith art and craft - $10 (Clarkesville, GA)

Some bar stock made of pure iron -- no added carbon -- so it's like the "real" wrought iron that blacksmiths like Samuel Yellin forged. I bought these sample bars to try, then never got around to it before I quite working as an artist-blacksmith. They were imported from the U.K. or Europe by a company here. Now pure iron bars are almost impossible to find here.

If you'd like to try this, come by the shop (located between Clarkesville and Sautee, GA) and make a reasonable offer to buy these. There's not a lot: some bars about 8 feet long, in 1/2" square, 1/4 x 3/4" flat, and round. $10/linear foot is probably a fair price, based on what I could find out about current prices in the U.K.

These bars were shipped to me by UPS, so if you want to negotiate a price and have the bars shipped to you, I'll consider it.

Listed by : Catherine Morgan - Monday, 11/06/17 08:05:12 EST

I am a Metalwork Conservation student in West Sussex, UK who will be testing a protective nanocoating on COR-TEN weathering steel for my MA project.

I am looking for COR-TEN weathering steel sheet scraps that has been pre-weathered naturally (rust developed with just water, no chemicals). If you have some bits that are already rusty from sitting around outside for months or years, I would love to buy it.

Ideally, I would like pieces that are at least 5 x 5 cm large. Thickness doesn't matter.

Listed by : Dorothy Cheng - Monday, 04/20/15 12:34:50 EDT

   WANTED  ray clontz tire hammer:
i am looking for the linkage spring for a ray clontz 50# tire hammer.

Listed by : kyle ifft - Sunday, 11/20/16 01:35:18 UTC

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