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   FOR SALE  GRANITE Surface Plate 48 x 72:
thumbnail Large 4 foot x 6 foot x 6.25" thick, precision black granite surface plate with two ledges on heavy duty steel stand with casters. Like new condition. 1850 pounds plus stand (total about a ton). Under crane and can load on your truck.

Located in Rustburg, VA. Pickup only. Cash or Check with time to clear.

Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Sunday, 04/03/11 01:25:25 EDT

   FOR SALE  DIY Junkyard Tumbler:
thumbnail My Dad built this to finish some little aluminum parts. The motor is missing. The idea is that automobile tires are used as tumbler drums. They sit between a driven roller and an idler roller and turn at slow speed.

While my Dad was a great engineer he was also a tinkerer and did not weld or like welding. SO this thing is built with a lot of expensive perforated structural angle as well as scrounged and shop made parts. There is lots of good stuff in this that could be used for other projects OR it could be tweeked and used for what Dad built it for.

Located in Rustburg, VA. Pickup only. Cash.


Listed by : Jock Dempsey - Sunday, 04/03/11 10:31:00 EDT

   FOR SALE  Whitney Metal punch Press #24 :
Whitney model # 24 metal punch press.With stand, nine round punch & dies 1/4" thru 11/16".
Also new never used 1/2" square punch ,die, stripper and nut cost $300 alone.Used for wrought iron.
If all was bought new it would cost $2000. Price is $900 firm. 302-841-4155.

Listed by : Al Zampieri - Monday, 01/09/12 20:39:52 EST

   FOR SALE  shop for sale:
110 big-blu ,mdl.2475 ingersolrand compressor,3 coal forges,2gas forges,200 lbs. shop anvil 2 post vises @other misilanious tools,to muc to list ,willtrade for good motorhome portland or.

Listed by : del cansler - Saturday, 05/20/17 11:41:29 UTC

   FOR SALE  South Bend Lathe:
South Bend Lathe 13" swing
Bed Length 5'
Catalog Number CL 145 B

With tooling, quick change tool post and Jacob
drill chuck and 3 and 4 jaw chucks

Mounted on wooden pallet for easy transport
Price firm

Contact Bob Fugelo

Listed by : Robert Fugelo - Saturday, 07/22/17 08:32:25 EDT

   FOR SALE  shop:
110lbs. big-blu power hammer mdl. 2475ingersol-rand compressor, 3 coal forges 200lbs. shop anvil 2 post-vises & other too much to list will trade for good motorhome portland or

Listed by : DELTON L CANSLER - Thursday, 07/25/19 07:25:21 EDT

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