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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

Five Blacksmiths anvils totaling over 2400 pounds to be moved. Greenwood Ironworks

Blacksmith's, Anvils, Blowers, Cones, Chisels, Hardies, Hammers, Swage Blocks, Punches . .

For Power Hammers, Ironworkers, Presses, Rolls and Cranes see Machinery
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   FOR SALE  Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge:
Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge $275 + shipping (less than $100 will take it anywhere in the US). Sturdy Forge with insulated variable length firebed/draft. Made by

Listed by : Tammy Whitlock - Wednesday, 05/01/13 15:05:39 EDT

   FOR SALE  Anvil, swage, vice and tools:
we are located in Toronto. We may be the only blacksmith left. We have some blacksmith tools to sell. Please give me a call anytime.

Listed by : Tim - Monday, 01/05/15 10:45:21 EST

   FOR SALE  NEW Little Giant 50lb:
$5500 OBO  
New, never used little giant 50lb trip hammer. I bought it at an auction from the original buyer almost 30 years ago. It had never been run, I put a motor on it and forged a bar of lead just to try it. Includes your choice of whatever motor I have that will work on it. It has a 3ph 1.5 HP now. You can see pics on CL Minneapolis, or I can send you some. I'm in far northern Minnesota, but I could work out delivery or meet halfway or whatever works.

Listed by : Donn Eliasen - Sunday, 01/11/15 13:36:28 EST

   FOR SALE  50little giant:
worn and functional 240 volt pully and belt driven. Milwaukee Wisconsin

Listed by : Brian Bohmann - Thursday, 01/29/15 18:26:52 EST

   FOR SALE  Forge Blower, Hand Cranked:
$225 OBO  
This blower is in very good general condition, ready to mount and operate. Gear case / housing is intact, no cracks; bearings good; gears run quietly and smoothly with good run-out; no missing or broken gears or fan blades; handle not bent; mounting bracket intact. It has been repainted several times over the years, and the paint is chipped and missing in small places, but no rust. Manufacturer unknown, not marked (like a Buffalo Forge??); pictures available via email.
US shipping only, insured, @ cost or may arrange local area pickup. Inspect on site by prior arrangement. Located in Dunkirk, Calvert County (southern), Maryland.

Listed by : James Howard - Tuesday, 02/03/15 08:38:18 EST

   FOR SALE  cast portable forge:
$400 OBO  
A 44"x 30" x 5" cast iron forge, with the rotary blower and the cast bracket for same. Tuyere needs repair, needs legs using standard pie thread. In Beaumont, Texas

Listed by : David Hartman - Wednesday, 03/04/15 18:15:53 EST

   FOR SALE  Full blacksmith studio for sale.:
Fully equipped blacksmith studio for sale. Lump purchase not piece by piece. All contents not building. Call for details. Fabrication and forging. Forklift etc. fully stocked shop. . In lexington ky. 859/396/7118

Listed by : Erika - Friday, 03/20/15 13:06:12 EDT

   FOR SALE  Antique blacksmith shop:
Contents of antique shop including:
Swage: "Day Bros No 2", 15"x15"x4", 147 lbs.
Anvil: 148 lbs, no discernible markings (Hay-Budden?).
Post vise: VERY large, 8.5" jaws, 185 lbs.
Blower: Champion #400 w/forge table.
Drill press: 15" wall mount, hand operated, w/bits.
Tire shrinker: Potts & Wells "Giant Tire and Axle Upsetting Machine".
Assorted hammers, tongs, nippers, more, all where my grandfather put them down 75 yrs ago.
Cash & carry from southeast PA. I will not ship.

Listed by : Ron - Monday, 03/30/15 09:44:14 EDT

   FOR SALE  Antique Blacksmith Shop, contact:
Contents of blacksmith shop, southeastern PA.
Ron 610/517/1114

Listed by : Ron - Monday, 03/30/15 09:52:29 EDT

   FOR SALE  johnson 400,000 btu Gas Forge:
$ 800 CDN  

Johnson Natural Gas Forge Model# 133 with
Ultra-Violet Safety Control (400 000 btu)
it was purchased from a school a few years ago ($ 9G new)
and I still don't have a gas hookup in my shop, so I
am selling as its not getting used unfortunately.
I am located near Vancouver B.C.
Email for pics

Listed by : Steve - Thursday, 05/07/15 13:36:06 EDT

   FOR SALE  450 lb. Fisher anvil stand:
450 lb. Fisher anvil, heavy metal stand. Wide selection of scroll forks for the 11/2' hardy hole. Located in my shop in Dawsonville Ga. Bob Eikenberry, Forged in Steel 770 823 0860

Listed by : Bob Eikenberry - Tuesday, 05/19/15 16:49:31 EDT

   FOR SALE  Sahinler Power Hammer 110 lb:
Original owner and the only person that has operated the hammer for twenty years, retiring. Triple combination dies, new motor two years ago, some pattern dies. Dawsonville, Ga. 770 823 0860

Listed by : Bob Eikenberry - Tuesday, 05/19/15 16:53:08 EDT

   FOR SALE  Complete blacksmith shop:
Coal forge with Lancaster Champion blower, 100 # anvil,5" post vise, tongs, hardee, fullers, hot cuts, hammers and more.
Good set up for a beginner. Some iron and coal. Books too. Also for sale (extra) Metal cutting band saw (Jet} $100, Lincoln 225 ac welder.$90.00
Can't ship. Would like to sell to someone near by. Dahlonega, Georgia

Listed by : Pat - Tuesday, 06/30/15 17:10:44 EDT

   FOR SALE  Hawkeye 3 power hammer:
I have it running in my shop but I'll be moving and can't take it with me. According to the old ads, the #3 hammer could work up to 3" stock. I've never done that with it but I can say it hits really hard and will taper a 1" bar in short order. You can try it yourself before deciding if its right for you. It comes with curved drawing dies as well as a flat die. You can also have the lineshaft and pulleys if you need them.

Listed by : Philippe Habib - Friday, 07/03/15 21:20:55 EDT

   FOR SALE  Large Peter Wright Anvil:
423lb. Peter Wright, face is 100% flat, You can take a precision ground Machinist's ruler and place in any direction on the face, perfect contact, cannot slide a cellophane candy wrapper between the edge of the ruler and face of anvil. very slight chipping along the edge of the face, otherwise perfect. nearly unused. 38" OAL, X 5 1/2" wide. FOB Tellico Plains , Tn., delivery avail. within 200 mi. of Knoxville , Tn.

Listed by : Steve Fox - Sunday, 08/23/15 14:30:40 EDT

   FOR SALE  Anvil coal forge vise and hammer:
Antique anvil, coal forge with blower and vise and misc hammers

Listed by : Gary - Saturday, 09/05/15 11:38:26 EDT

   FOR SALE  Ultra Jig:
$ 450.00  
as seen on Ebay and my website

Listed by : Mike Tanner - Monday, 09/28/15 16:35:02 EDT

   FOR SALE  Little Giant 50 lb Trip Hammer:
Little Giant 50 lb Trip Hammer serial no. 2563. The Hammer is in full working order with a 2 horsepower motor with a 115 standard house plug. It has been re-babbitted, new arms, new spring, new clutch pads. All these were purchased from Sid from the Little Giant Co. Comes with one set of upper and lower drawing dies only. No tooling; you will have to forge you're own tools with this Hammer. The item is located in Olympia WA. You will have to arrange you're own pick up/shipping. Email me and I'd be happy to send you some pictures.

Listed by : Israel - Tuesday, 09/29/15 09:24:20 EDT

   FOR SALE  Little Giant 50lb Trip Hammer:
For sale, Little Giant 50 lb Trip Hammer serial no. 2563. The Hammer is in full working order with a 2 horsepower motor with a 115 standard house plug. It has been re-babbitted, new arms, new spring, new clutch pads. All these were purchased from Sid from the Little Giant Co. Comes with one set of upper and lower drawing dies only. No tooling; you will have to forge you're own tools with this Hammer. The item is located in Olympia WA. You will have to arrange you're own pick up/shipping, but I do have the ability to get it into your truck or trailer.
Email me at and I'd be happy to send you some pictures. Or look up the Trip Hammer on Craiglist Seattle/Olympia. You may also call if you'd like to talk 360-529-7927

Listed by : Israel - Wednesday, 09/30/15 01:20:56 EDT

Hi All, recently a good friend of mine passed away and I am helping his wife get word out about the auction of all his tools on Oct. 24th 2015. The auction will be held in Murphysboro, IL at Canning Auctions facility. It will be a live auction for the majority of the tools, but the bigger ticket items will be sold online. There is a large quantity of good tools such as; 50lb. Little Giant in excellent plug and use condition, cone mandrel, swage blocks, 275 lb. Peddinghaus double horn anvil, stakes, tongs, hammers, jewelers tools, welders, plasma cutter, coal forge, gas forge, saws, woodworking machines and just about most anything you would find in a well equipped shop. You can go to the following links for pictures and info; and the internet bidding is at; Please spread word as he was a great guy. Thanks

Listed by : Andrew Macdonald - Monday, 10/19/15 23:05:45 EDT

   FOR SALE  Southern Steel 102 pound Anvil:
Rare, hard to find, Southern Steel 102 pound Farriers Anvil. Made of 4130 steel (repairable). In very good shape. Nice solid ring.

Listed by : Terry Brooks - Sunday, 12/13/15 06:03:56 UTC

   FOR SALE  Peter Wright 150 lb Anvil. :
Very good condition. Springy and sings like a bell. No chunks taken off and no cracks.

Listed by : Jason Fowler - Monday, 01/18/16 05:49:28 UTC

   FOR SALE  Treadle Hammer:
The Mark In-line Treadle Hammer by Meyer Machine Tool Co, Used, in very good condition. View on Meyer site. Includes several upper & lower tool sets.

Listed by : Don - Wednesday, 01/20/16 23:20:58 UTC

   FOR SALE  anvil 1900 100lb fisher eagle :
Old good anvil, needs good home

Listed by : chris - Monday, 03/07/16 17:30:20 UTC

   FOR SALE  Custom :
Please contact  
I have a custom railroad track anvil for sale. Comes with 3 metal shaping hammers. Please contact me for more info and pictures. Located in Southern California.

Listed by : Tom - Thursday, 03/10/16 05:47:42 UTC

   FOR SALE  Set of blacksmith tools:
Turn of the 20th century blacksmiths tools. Tongs, chisels, and hammers. 7 various hammers. 21 various sizes and styles of tongs. 20 various sizes and shapes of chisels. Very good condition. Northern California by Lake Tahoe.

Listed by : Jason Fowler - Saturday, 03/19/16 23:19:57 UTC

   FOR SALE  Anvil Double Horn 455lb:
Free shipping. CALL 0037067352864 EMAIL

Pictures and details upon request.

Listed by : Simas - Monday, 04/04/16 20:28:37 UTC

   FOR SALE  15kg power hammer:
Used very little. Not used commercially. Near new condition.
Full set of dies included.

C41-25 Air Hammer
Weight of falling parts: 25kg
Max hit energy: 0.27kj
Diameter of the working cylinder: 165mm
Diameter of the compressing cylinder: 170mm
Hit number: 250 hittings per minute
Height of working area: 240mm
Tup axis to frame front: 200mm
Dimension of top die surface( L x W) : 100x50mm
Dimension of bottom die surface( L x W) : 100x50mm
Max round steel can be forged( Diameter) : 48mm
Max square steel can be forged: 40x40mm
Distance from bottom die surface to base: 410mm
Machine floor space( L x W) : 1320x610mm
Machine height ( above the ground) : 1300mm
Motor Type Y112M-6Rate power: 3kw
Total weight of the hammer: 720kg

Listed by : Matt - Tuesday, 04/12/16 01:24:08 UTC

   FOR SALE  Buffalo coal Forge with blower:
Large Buffalo coal forge with hood in great working condition with Champion blower and variable speed controller. Tong rack attached. Solid fire pot, tuyere, ash dump.

Forge bed outer dimensions: 30 x 34 inches.

South of Laramie WY.

Email me for photos.

Listed by : Richard Klimesh - Saturday, 04/30/16 16:54:40 UTC

   FOR SALE  Buffalo coal Forge with blower:
Large Buffalo coal forge with hood in great working condition with Champion blower and variable speed controller. Tong rack attached. Solid fire pot, tuyere, ash dump.

Forge bed outer dimensions: 30 x 34 inches.

South of Laramie WY. Cash only. No delivery, must pick up.

Email me for photos.

Listed by : Richard Klimesh - Saturday, 04/30/16 16:56:48 UTC

   FOR SALE  4 foot cone mandrel:
4 foot cone mandrel with tong slot, 12 inch diameter base.
South of Laramie WY.
Email me for photos.

Listed by : Richard - Saturday, 04/30/16 18:03:15 UTC

   FOR SALE  25 ton press and trip hammer :
hydraulic press air trip hammer includes air compressor 10 hp 240volts single phase and hydraulic pump 5hp 240 volts single phase

Listed by : Jerry Holmes - Wednesday, 06/15/16 03:24:30 UTC

   FOR SALE  anvil 500 lb on a steel stand :
in very good condition small chips on tail and the corner at the shelf the face is very good. call Jerry 479 474 5547 or 479 651 1507 I can not find any id but the anvil has been welded at the wast

Listed by : Jerry Holmes - Wednesday, 06/15/16 03:44:35 UTC

   FOR SALE  352 Lb Anvil w Blacksmith Tools:
352Lb Anvil that appears to be from 1928 with 20+ shaping attachments, 12+ tongs, 6-7 melting pot ladles and some sort of cast iron table that I've been told was used for making molds. Not interested in parting out the collection. I can email pictures upon request, located in Central Illinois. Local Pickup Only

Listed by : Craig Roberts - Friday, 07/22/16 14:02:50 UTC

   FOR SALE  Little Giant 50 lb power hammer :
Heres an old brute of a survivor, found stored in a water proof steel building after 60 years of slumber. No damage, has one set of dies. She turns, the motor should most def be gone through, untested electric..... original paint is at 90+% good old unit ready for an ambitious hammer swinger. 2628446976

Listed by : Jordan - Sunday, 07/24/16 01:28:14 UTC

   FOR SALE  Peter Wright 206lb. Anvil:
750 BO  
I believe it is in very good shape. I am no expert. If anyone is interested in more info or pictures please leave a message with contact info to 612 803 9501.

Listed by : D. Johnson - Monday, 08/01/16 06:15:20 UTC

   FOR SALE  Antique HILL Birmingham Anvil:
Best Offer  
Antique HILL Birmingham Blacksmith Anvil...Marked : 1 3 10 206 lbs.
Size: 25" long x 12" tall Please come take a look, test and make an offer Location : West Point, NY 10996 Will not deliver .

Listed by : Nancy - Friday, 08/12/16 15:36:49 UTC

   FOR SALE  Stake anvil bench and anvils:
$1000 or best reasonable offer  
Stake anvil bench. 6 Pexto anvils various shapes and sizes and one crafttools anvil. Nice shape. Making room in the shop. Email for pics. Pickup only. Thanks for looking.

Listed by : Jason - Thursday, 08/18/16 05:07:30 UTC

   FOR SALE  Complete Blacksmith Set Up:
Complete Blacksmithing set up, great for horseshoeing, knife making or general metal fabrication. Two burner forge oven mounted on custom stand and large propane bottle rack (bottle included). 35 lb. Pedinghaus Anvil on custom stand. 7 various hammers and 12 tongs also included as well as three welding curtains. I can e-mail pictures

Listed by : Mike - Thursday, 09/15/16 02:18:06 UTC

   FOR SALE  Blacksmithing tools - NE Georgia:
$5 to $850  
Blacksmithing and shop tools for sale! 12” cone mandrel with tong slot, two swage blocks, bead blasting cabinet with 80g air compressor, Beverly shears for sheet metal, deluxe oxy-acetylene setup, small MIG welder, small plasma cutter, and many hand tools for artist-blacksmiths.

Hand tools include beautiful hammers, tools for twisting and bending, spring fullers, handled top tools and many bottom tools -- some tools made by master smith Francis Whitaker. Also back issues of Anvil’s Ring and Hammer’s Blow, plus 2 COSIRA technical guides and 6 inspiring books by master artist blacksmiths.

Email for price list of items for sale. Prices are reasonable -- First come, first served --
15% Discount if you take everything. (Forge, anvil, post vise, Little Giant, tongs and a few other essentials already sold.)

Listed by : Catherine Morgan - Wednesday, 12/28/16 19:08:39 UTC

   FOR SALE  Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb:
thumbnail Priced to sell at $4000 ($6,000 new)
Two years old with low hours. Excellent Condition

Air operated. Compressor Available.

Variable settings range from heavy blows to light tapping.
You can also set it to clamp and hold your work piece.
Very easy to feed work into the dies.

Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb

Listed by : Joe Greyson - Friday, 01/27/17 19:07:50 UTC

   FOR SALE  St. Helens Inferno Forge:
These are some of the best quality Forges out there for the price! They are not made of sheet metal! These are made from 1/4" thick steel! Each one comes with a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty! All Forges are made to order, they take typically 1 week to make. Tax and shipping will be added to the cost of any forge. For full Specifications and more about them, visit

Listed by : Jason Davis - Saturday, 02/25/17 05:05:54 UTC

   FOR SALE  Schindler power hammer :
Schindler power hammer model m50 10 HP air , 15 yrs old ,
As is needs work

Listed by : Andrew Leck - Monday, 04/10/17 23:36:26 UTC

   FOR SALE  5 handled top tools :
Will also sell each tool individually, for $30 each:
-- hot cutter
-- cold cutter
-- set hammer
-- two top fullers
(Also can throw in a rivet set for a round pritchel hole, or sell it separately for $5 plus a little shipping.)

Listed by : Cathy Morgan - Tuesday, 06/06/17 21:31:20 UTC

   FOR SALE  50 lb little giant hammer:
revision for other previous ad. like I said this is a 50 lb little giant in excellent condition. totally rebuilt be by Ben Lund. located at Plainview Ne. for more info please call Ed Auger at 402-860-6864.

Listed by : Ed Auger - Wednesday, 06/07/17 13:43:13 UTC

   FOR SALE  50 lb little giant hammer:
revision for other previous ad. like I said this is a 50 lb little giant in excellent condition. totally rebuilt be by Ben Lund. located at Plainview Ne. for more info please call Ed Auger at 402-860-6864.

Listed by : Ed Auger - Wednesday, 06/07/17 13:43:23 UTC

   FOR SALE  Coal Forge:
new 24x36 blower and flue


Listed by : Tom Horn - Saturday, 06/24/17 21:55:08 EDT

100lb ram made aug 12/19 in wisconsin runs and works and is in great shape. Im not a blacksmith my father passed and i do not have the time or place to learn the trade. Have lots of other tools. I have lots of pictures.

Listed by : Shane Evans - Wednesday, 07/05/17 14:36:17 EDT

   FOR SALE  A few anvils:
I am located north of chicago. I have a 120lbs vulcan 400.
I have an o'neil anvil 75lbs(ductile steel) 325. I have a 50lbs fisher 225.

Listed by : josh lee - Wednesday, 10/18/17 21:18:50 EDT

   FOR SALE  800 lbs Fisher Anvil:
Make offer  
800 lbs Fisher Anvil
make a reasonable offer

Listed by : Thor Lars Laizans - Monday, 11/06/17 01:23:05 EST

   FOR SALE  Blacksmith equipment for sale:
Here is the current list of stuff I got

155lbs Peter Wright good face and rebound has edge damage 495.00

147lbs very early Peter Wright someone unfortunately used a torch on but good rebound no sway 475.00

85lbs farrier anvil in near perfect condition unknown maker but does resemble a multi production anvil $375.00

335lbs stamped London pattern anvil unknown maker maybe a early mouse does have some damage done to the right side of the face. $1050

I have few great heavy duty bench vises. 45 - 150

Tongs 20-50 each

Otto coal forge $750

Listed by : Josh - Saturday, 12/16/17 21:48:46 EST

   FOR SALE  Anvils, Tongs, Hammers :
I have a bunch of blacksmith equipment located north of Chicago including 50lbs Vulcan, 135lbs Mousehole, 159LBS SDK Trenton, 335 Lbs English pattern anvil, Tongs, forges, Vises and hammers. This is not stuff just out of a barn so please contact me only if your seriously interested.

Listed by : Josh L - Wednesday, 01/24/18 16:57:01 EST

   FOR SALE  Armitage MH Anvil :
.Antique Anvil 1800’s Amitage Mouse Hole

Have good pictures, weight 175

I have had it for over 50 years, love it, needs to go to a caring good home.

Email for pictures in Las Cruces NM

Listed by : Frank Carril - Monday, 01/29/18 18:10:28 EST

   FOR SALE  Blacksmiths Foot Operated Vice:
Blacksmith's Foot Operated Vice sometimes called a Farrier's vice or Caulking Vice. Sometimes used to make horseshoes. This is NOT a leg vice. It appears to be a rare antique made by Butts & Ordway Co. in Boston. It was used by a teacher of Blacksmithing to make artistic Iron work until a couple of years ago. It stands roughly 30 inches tall and has a 6 inch wide jaw. The model on it indicates Sure Grip. In good working order but well used. It has a small "anvil" at the top near the jaws with grooves in the top I believe to hold the iron. Pictures available on request. Cash only, Pickup only. May have other Blacksmith tools available. Located near Syracuse, NY, USA.

Listed by : David Hopkinson - Monday, 02/05/18 13:01:48 EST

   FOR SALE  Anvils , Tongs, Forges, Hammers:
I am always having Blacksmith equipment come in and go out the door.
Currently I have the following
159lbs S.D Kimbark Trenton $650
144Lbs Peter Wright Farrier $750
335LBS English Pattern Anvil(with Damage) 1000

Tongs 20-60 each
Start forges 75-100
Letter and number Punched 15-50 each
hammers 10 and up

Listed by : Josh - Thursday, 02/15/18 22:46:12 EST

   FOR SALE  Pexto 901:
Brand new Pexto 901, never used, still in original wood crate.

Listed by : Greg - Saturday, 03/17/18 23:34:36 EDT

   FOR SALE  Vintage Blacksmith Anvil Set:
Set of (4) Vintage Blacksmith Anvils. One comes with a stand. Three of them are Peter Wright brand from 1890-1900 era. One is a TFS 100 DHB. All are cast steel and in great condition. Set of 4 comes with a 252 lb weight, 181 lb weight, 106 lb weight and 100 lb weight. Asking $6,500 for the set. (Show Low/CP)

Listed by : Jamie - Wednesday, 04/11/18 12:30:40 EDT

   FOR SALE  New Little Giant Trip Hammer:
This is also called a Little Giant Power Hammer. Not sure if this is 50 or 100 lb. and maybe someone can tell us. The 50 lb. one we've seen had that stamped on the face but this one does not so maybe it's a 100 lb. machine? The machine does operate. $6,500 obo.

Listed by : Robert Krull - Wednesday, 04/18/18 17:44:31 EDT

   FOR SALE  For sale: Blacksmith equipment :
Located Chicago il


159LBS Boker Trenton $575
335 single horn german anvil $850

144lbs farrier Peter Wright $750

122lbs arm and hammer near perfect $950
350lbs Hay Budden $2500

Flatters $75.00 each
Tongs $45 and up
Basic for hobby forges $75 each

Listed by : Jay - Friday, 06/01/18 15:50:25 EDT

   FOR SALE  50lb Little Giant Power Hammer:
7,000 OBO  
50lb Little Giant Power Hammer. Re-manufactured by Sid Suedmeier of Little Giant in 2013. Only used once since I bought it. Call Tom at 402-371-6968 if interested.

Listed by : Tom Kielty - Saturday, 10/20/18 18:10:25 EDT

   FOR SALE  Johnson gas forge model 122:
This model of Forge goes around $7,100 new and around $3,000 used. This Forge was bought from a school auction and is in good condition. I'm selling it because I haven't used it in a long time and it's taking up room in my shop. Please just give me your best offer! If you're interested in seeing pictures send me a phone number and I'll text them to you or an email and I'll send them to you!

Listed by : Justin Salsman - Wednesday, 12/05/18 19:33:18 EST

   FOR SALE  Blacksmithing Starter kit:
Hay Budden 90-100 lb (approximate) anvil with broken heel at the hardy hole, face and horn in good shape.

Craftsman 2x42 grinder with belts

Homemade mailbox gas forge with burner made with perlite and refractory cement. 3 inch fire chamber

3 pairs of tongs (2 flat stock, 1 round)

Located near Carbondale, IL.

Local sales only, may sell separately.

Call and leave message or text for prompt response 309/333/8585


Listed by : Cooper - Tuesday, 01/08/19 12:43:21 EST

   FOR SALE  Complete blacksmith setup:
Rivet forge hand crank blower have one extra blower plus electric blower 2 anvils post vise very good condition tools hammers 275 pounds of coal must see to appreciate ill send pictures even have a single burner propane forge.

Listed by : Tom Provateare - Sunday, 03/10/19 09:35:49 EDT

   FOR SALE  Complete Forge setup :
Up for sale is a complete ready to go knife maker setup. I have a Pheer 2x72 belt grinder, comes with flat platten, 8 or 10” contact wheel, small wheel holder set, and a large selection of belts has Baldor 1hp motor and KBAC. Comes with over 30 belts. Majestic Forge Deluxe 3 burner forge (lining is cracked but still forge weld with it) comes with extra fire brick for insulation/closing the openings. 100lb propane tank (mostly full). Cast iron anvil. Set of tongs, and 2 boxes of railroad spikes, one box contains High Carbon spikes. Please contact me for more details and photos. No low ballers. If you’re looking for a $200 grinder this ain’t it. Everything works as good as the day I got them. Selling for a new project. Item listed on Craigslist. Please text for info/offers 606/255/6350

Listed by : Mark - Saturday, 06/08/19 23:58:49 EDT

   FOR SALE  blacksmith tongs:
25 old blacksmith tongs

Listed by : chet - Sunday, 08/18/19 08:51:42 EDT

   FOR SALE  906 Pexto Beak Horn:
#906 Pexto Beak Horn - Used

Listed by : Vickie Hogan - Wednesday, 11/20/19 17:10:49 UTC

   FOR SALE  25 LB Little Giant Power Hammer:
25 pound Little Giant Power Hammer, Completely rebuilt by little giant 3 years ago , newer 3 hp motor on platform turn key very low hrs

Listed by : TJ Hooper - Saturday, 12/07/19 13:17:45 UTC

   FOR SALE  Coal Ironworks 16+ ton w/ 9 dies:
Very lightly used coal ironworks upgraded 16+ ton hydraulic forging press for sale, less than 10 hours on it, comes with a set of H13 combination dies, a set of full width flat dies, a set of 4140 fuller/hammer trough dies, a stripper plate die for punching and a interchangeable socket die to interchange punches for punching hammers/axes/etc. and a blank die. And a adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve is installed so you can adjust the speed of the ram/cylinder from anywhere between 0 inches per second to 4 inches per second, but will still have full power at any speed, and the adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve can be easily removed to restore to the single speed of 4 inches per second as it was originally. The adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve that is installed is the make/model that coal ironworks has recommended to me and was installed according to coal ironworks directions. I'm selling because I decided a pneumatic power hammer would fit my needs better.

Listed by : Chase Conrad - Friday, 01/10/20 01:29:55 UTC

   WANTED  100-250lb ANVIL:
under $3 per lb  
Looking for a steel anvil in the 100-200lb range, preferably 150+ plus. Located in Mi Michigan but willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right deal. Please send pictures to the email address listed below or text them to me at 989 six 7 1 seven 4 2 4 and what you are asking for it.

Listed by : Doug Weaver - Wednesday, 05/11/16 20:40:45 UTC

   WANTED  Good quality anvil:
Anvil could have some minor damage due to use. No junk please

Listed by : steve adams - Tuesday, 08/02/16 23:01:44 UTC

   WANTED  Forged Anvil:
Looking for a Used forged Anvil for a Christmas present for my dad. Wants one in good shape between 100# - 250#.
No cracks or repairs.

Listed by : Anna Ditta - Wednesday, 12/07/16 04:12:26 UTC

   WANTED  25 lb Little Giant Drawing dies:
WTB Drawing dies for 25 lb Little Giant Power Hammer

Listed by : Don DeWitt - Saturday, 12/10/16 19:46:36 UTC

   WANTED  looking for anvil max 100 lb.:
i'm looking for an anvil from 80 to 100 lbs
i'm new to blacksmithing and have limited funds and am willing to spend $200-$300 max
preferably in texas so i don't have to travel that far
can contact me on my cell (361)-308-6627

Listed by : Colt Williams - Monday, 12/26/16 01:59:47 UTC

   WANTED  Wanted 80 to 120 lb Anvil:
Beginning knifemker looking for decent anvil 80 to 120lb

I'm in Martinsburg WV eastern panhandle


Listed by : Steve - Saturday, 01/28/17 18:56:00 UTC

   WANTED  ISO Anvil 75-150:
Looking for a 75-150# anvil. Located in Kelowna BC Canada and am happy to travel anywhere in the interior or lower mainland.

Listed by : Russell Herman - Tuesday, 02/21/17 22:28:11 UTC

   WANTED  Wanted 25 or 50lb Power hammer:
Looking to invest in a 25 or 50 pound power hammer. Preferably in working order but will consider restoring or refurbishing one. Thanks.

Listed by : Reese Llewellyn - Saturday, 03/11/17 01:57:48 UTC

   WANTED  Anvil Wanted:
Anvil wanted 200lb max contact me at 214-980-9797

Listed by : Jeb Rozier - Thursday, 08/10/17 17:57:17 EDT

   WANTED  Anvil Wanted:
Anvil wanted I'm located in North Texas you can contact me at 214-980-9797

Listed by : Jeb Rozier - Thursday, 08/10/17 18:30:47 EDT

   WANTED  Anvil 90lb+:
I'm in the northern Florida South Georgia area and am looking for an anvil for custom knifes and other metalwork needed for my farm equipment. Andrew

Listed by : Andrew Murphy - Tuesday, 09/05/17 23:09:06 EDT

   WANTED  Anvil wanted:
I am looking for an anvil that I can use for forging. I have woodworking tools that I can trade a jointer, table saw, a dust collector, a shaper that needs a motor and a band saw. Thanks

Listed by : David - Friday, 09/08/17 14:47:10 EDT

   WANTED  Looking for anvil :
Looking for 100-175# blacksmith anvil

Listed by : Cary - Sunday, 01/07/18 21:08:33 EST

   WANTED  any blacksmithing item :
under $3 a lb  
just looking for beginner anvil and supply

Listed by : michael lumetta - Tuesday, 11/06/18 09:06:38 EST

   WANTED  ISO Church Window anvil will tra:
I have a 302 pound Swedish Soderfors paragon anvil that I’d like to trade for a church window anvil, almost any condition it’s OK, just not broken badly and in semi usable condition. Prefer it be decent. My Soderfors is in great condition, many many years left in it. Please give me a buzz if you’re interested. Thank you. Cody.

Listed by : Cody Dickerson - Monday, 10/07/19 17:43:53 EDT

   FREE  Nashville Goodwill Forge + Vise: - Search assorted vintage tools. I'm no smith, but it looks like components for a forge and a post vise to me. Ends 1/25/2016, local pick only. There's no benefit to me, I just saw it and figured someone here may be able to snag a bargain.

Listed by : Josh Koch - Saturday, 01/23/16 03:10:57 UTC

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