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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

Five Blacksmiths anvils totaling over 2400 pounds to be moved. Greenwood Ironworks

Blacksmith's, Anvils, Blowers, Cones, Chisels, Hardies, Hammers, Swage Blocks, Punches . .

For Power Hammers, Ironworkers, Presses, Rolls and Cranes see Machinery
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   FOR SALE  906 Pexto Beak Horn:
#906 Pexto Beak Horn - Used

Listed by : Vickie Hogan - Wednesday, 11/20/19 17:10:49 UTC

   FOR SALE  25 LB Little Giant Power Hammer:
25 pound Little Giant Power Hammer, Completely rebuilt by little giant 3 years ago , newer 3 hp motor on platform turn key very low hrs

Listed by : TJ Hooper - Saturday, 12/07/19 13:17:45 UTC

   FOR SALE  Coal Ironworks 16+ ton w/ 9 dies:
Very lightly used coal ironworks upgraded 16+ ton hydraulic forging press for sale, less than 10 hours on it, comes with a set of H13 combination dies, a set of full width flat dies, a set of 4140 fuller/hammer trough dies, a stripper plate die for punching and a interchangeable socket die to interchange punches for punching hammers/axes/etc. and a blank die. And a adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve is installed so you can adjust the speed of the ram/cylinder from anywhere between 0 inches per second to 4 inches per second, but will still have full power at any speed, and the adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve can be easily removed to restore to the single speed of 4 inches per second as it was originally. The adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve that is installed is the make/model that coal ironworks has recommended to me and was installed according to coal ironworks directions. I'm selling because I decided a pneumatic power hammer would fit my needs better.

Listed by : Chase Conrad - Friday, 01/10/20 01:29:55 UTC

   FOR SALE  Fisher anvil:

Antique Anvil:1881 Fisher Eagle.Aprox 400-500 lbs.One 14" horn.Face:23" x 7 1//4" Height: 16." Marking on base reads #10.Patented April 24, 18...
Dismantling 50-yr-old blacksmith shop.
Mirror Lake, NH 03853 USA

Listed by : Richard OShaughnessy - Monday, 02/03/20 18:47:44 UTC

   FOR SALE  Iron Kiss 90 Power Hammer:
A Iron Kiss 90# power hammer, built around 2004 (?).
Rebuilt cylinder and valve within the last couple of years.
Not an Octagon design, early model.

Will consider trades/partial for shop equipment.

Pics/video available.

Located in New Hampshire.

Listed by : Don - Wednesday, 09/02/20 09:04:17 EDT

   WANTED  ISO Church Window anvil will tra:
I have a 302 pound Swedish Soderfors paragon anvil that I’d like to trade for a church window anvil, almost any condition it’s OK, just not broken badly and in semi usable condition. Prefer it be decent. My Soderfors is in great condition, many many years left in it. Please give me a buzz if you’re interested. Thank you. Cody.

Listed by : Cody Dickerson - Monday, 10/07/19 17:43:53 EDT

   FREE  Nashville Goodwill Forge + Vise: - Search assorted vintage tools. I'm no smith, but it looks like components for a forge and a post vise to me. Ends 1/25/2016, local pick only. There's no benefit to me, I just saw it and figured someone here may be able to snag a bargain.

Listed by : Josh Koch - Saturday, 01/23/16 03:10:57 UTC

   FREE  Welding Side Business:

Jon Stephens
2:24 AM (43 minutes ago)
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We noticed that you have a Resources & links page on your website. The content that we have developed at over the years might be a great fit for your readers, and would be thrilled if you would consider adding us as a resource. A few of our more popular articles include:

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Listed by : Jon Stephens - Friday, 07/24/20 17:09:25 EDT

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