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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

Five Blacksmiths anvils totaling over 2400 pounds to be moved. Greenwood Ironworks

Blacksmith's, Anvils, Blowers, Cones, Chisels, Hardies, Hammers, Swage Blocks, Punches . .

For Power Hammers, Ironworkers, Presses, Rolls and Cranes see Machinery
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   FOR SALE  906 Pexto Beak Horn:
#906 Pexto Beak Horn - Used

Listed by : Vickie Hogan - Wednesday, 11/20/19 17:10:49 UTC

   FOR SALE  25 LB Little Giant Power Hammer:
25 pound Little Giant Power Hammer, Completely rebuilt by little giant 3 years ago , newer 3 hp motor on platform turn key very low hrs

Listed by : TJ Hooper - Saturday, 12/07/19 13:17:45 UTC

   FOR SALE  Coal Ironworks 16+ ton w/ 9 dies:
Very lightly used coal ironworks upgraded 16+ ton hydraulic forging press for sale, less than 10 hours on it, comes with a set of H13 combination dies, a set of full width flat dies, a set of 4140 fuller/hammer trough dies, a stripper plate die for punching and a interchangeable socket die to interchange punches for punching hammers/axes/etc. and a blank die. And a adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve is installed so you can adjust the speed of the ram/cylinder from anywhere between 0 inches per second to 4 inches per second, but will still have full power at any speed, and the adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve can be easily removed to restore to the single speed of 4 inches per second as it was originally. The adjustable hydraulic flow reducer valve that is installed is the make/model that coal ironworks has recommended to me and was installed according to coal ironworks directions. I'm selling because I decided a pneumatic power hammer would fit my needs better.

Listed by : Chase Conrad - Friday, 01/10/20 01:29:55 UTC

   FOR SALE  Fisher anvil:

Antique Anvil:1881 Fisher Eagle.Aprox 400-500 lbs.One 14" horn.Face:23" x 7 1//4" Height: 16." Marking on base reads #10.Patented April 24, 18...
Dismantling 50-yr-old blacksmith shop.
Mirror Lake, NH 03853 USA

Listed by : Richard OShaughnessy - Monday, 02/03/20 18:47:44 UTC

   FOR SALE  Iron Kiss 90 Power Hammer:
A Iron Kiss 90# power hammer, built around 2004 (?).
Rebuilt cylinder and valve within the last couple of years.
Not an Octagon design, early model.

Will consider trades/partial for shop equipment.

Pics/video available.

Located in New Hampshire.

Listed by : Don - Wednesday, 09/02/20 09:04:17 EDT

   FOR SALE  Anvil:
Fisher 121 lb. anvil. Manufactured April 24 1877.
Good condition. Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
One of six different anvils being sold as part of an estate. Pictures can be sent via phone

Listed by : Jerry McAuliffe - Wednesday, 02/24/21 10:59:38 EST

   FOR SALE  50lb Little Giant Trip hammer:
1937 50lb little giant trip hammer, only made this model for 5 years. due to the die positioning this is the hammer most sought after by damascus smiths. please call after 5pm MST 575-640-0407

Listed by : Joshua - Monday, 03/29/21 00:09:45 EDT

   FOR SALE  25 Lb. Little giant Power Hammer:
I've owned this hammer for 35 years, replaced the main spring and put a 220 volt motor. Has been used very little in the passed 6 years and is in very good condishion.

Listed by : Dan Howachyn - Monday, 06/07/21 11:35:03 EDT

   FOR SALE  Big Blue Power Hammer, air op.:
I have had this hammer for over 20 years, one of the frist built. I have had to replace the retuning control three times and needs replacing now. I have two extra sets of heads that are included.

Listed by : Dan Howachyn - Monday, 06/07/21 11:42:23 EDT

   FOR SALE  Entire Blacksmith shop:
Entire Shop. 1 large, 1 portable coal forge. 1 gas forge. 4 big anvils. 1 swage block.Cone Anvil.30T press, mayer 50lb Power Hammer. Treadle hammer. Belt grinder. Antique 3'X5' Bellow. Innumerable Tongs, Hammers, Vises, ect. And assorted other period tools and antiques.

Listed by : Eric Maki - Wednesday, 06/09/21 12:05:43 EDT

   FOR SALE  Champion power hammer:
35# champion power hammer. Needs a pedal. New babbit. Located in Westford Vermont. Email for pics and more info.

Listed by : Michael Saunders - Sunday, 07/18/21 09:29:18 EDT

   FOR SALE  Entire blacksmith shop:
17 pairs of large tongs
82 pairs of medium tongs
28 pairs of small tongs

32 hammers with handles. Including flatener etc
27 hammer heads.
1- 27 pound square maul
1- 16 pound round maul
64 hardy tools of all forms and shape
Drifts and punches

1- 173 pound Peter Wright anvil
1- 120ish pound unknown maker anvil
1- 70Ish pounds Very well made home made anvil
1 smaller 20ish pounds track anvil
1- hawkeye power hammer
1- post vise
1- foot pedal vise
1- sit on man powered grinding wheel
1- massive coal forge made by the Canadian blower and forge company.
4 spare electric blower.
1 bench grinder
1 drillpress
1 welder
1 cutoff saw
2 hand grinder
1 compressor and some air tools.

Lots of steel.
About 150-200 horseshoes

Located in Nova-Scotia, Canada

Listed by : Etienne Frechette - Sunday, 09/12/21 14:21:16 EDT

   FOR SALE  Fairbanks series e 150 lbs :
This hammer has had very little use, has always been inside, and kept oiled and free moving. no motor. Also other shop tools for sale.

Listed by : Robert M. Elwell - Wednesday, 12/29/21 15:17:21 EST

   FOR SALE  Big Blu Treadle Hammer Pkg:
$8500 OBO  
Very slightly used Blu 110 and a smallish in-line treadle hammer, including some tooling. Will sell separately, Hammer $8000, TH (and tooling) $1000. Items are close to Asheville NC.
Other items also for sale: Adams 2-A flypress ($1500), Edwards #10 alligator shear ($500), Antique Niagra foot shear ($800) and a OTC 100 ton press ($5000).
Email for pics and more description.

Listed by : Susan Hutchinson - Tuesday, 01/18/22 15:44:21 EST

   FOR SALE  150 Bradley strap hammer...:
150# Upright Strap Hammer. It's complete, as far as the hammer itself is concerned, except for three things. The brake pad, the original tightening assembly for the slip sleeve on the back, and tensioner pulley arm. You can see in the video that I have a bolt and nut in place of that lever on the sleve, so two wrenches and you're good. The pulley arm and brake pad need to be re-done, though. My setup works plenty well, but it's janky as all get out. The rubber cushions are in pretty great shape, and now that I've tuned the hammer in some, it runs great when I'm not breaking belts. That's a materials and me problem, though, not the hammers. And there's a small crack in the ram. It has been there for a long time before I bought the hammer, and have been advised that it's likely not an issue. I'm just being up front.

Motor and cast iron tension pulley stay with me on account of the motor being on loan from a friend and the pulley came off another hammer. The hammer is in Spruce Pine, NC (28777).

A quick note on loading and transport. Transport is on the buyer. I don't have any connections with freight companies, and if I got it here, you can get it there. As far as loading, breaking it down into its constituent parts (top, bottom, and anvil) is probably the best option. It's Very heavy as a single unit. Regardless, I can arrange loading, but need a week's notice ahead of time to get everything sorted.

Thanks for looking!

Listed by : Bob - Thursday, 02/17/22 16:14:44 EST

   FOR SALE  Big Blu 110 power hammer:
used 110 big blu with factory flat dies and combo dies, and lots of other dies made for texturing and other shaping dies. top flat die has a hole for custom built dies. also a 1"thick rubber mat for cushion. everything in perfect order, come and try it if youre around the denver area. its being replaced by a larger hammer. 303 809 4123 email for pictures.

Listed by : josh bales - Thursday, 03/10/22 08:54:57 EST

   FOR SALE  Moloch power hammer:
Moloch power hammer, like a little giant 50#, works great,
3 sets of dies,nice wood base, 220v single phase motor,replacing with a bigger hammer,SW Colorado,can load.

Listed by : Steve - Friday, 04/08/22 10:13:38 EDT

   FOR SALE  Little Giant 50 No K5597:
1932 Little Giant 50# old style with removable die block and wrap around ram guide. Running with new spring.

Listed by : Tracy Troutman - Monday, 05/16/22 11:30:08 EDT

   FOR SALE  C41-55Kg Henan Wadjay Machinery :
Brand new

Falling Mass: 55KGS
Type: Separated
Max. Strike energy(s/m):0.7kj
Strick per minute:210 mm
Max. Section of square steel that can be forger: hexogen base
Can forge maximum diameter of round steel :85mm
Operating Range height: 300mm
Match use of power: 5.5KW
Motor speed: 1440r.p.m
Total weight: 1600 KGS
Machine Dimension: (L*W*H) 1350*700*1650mm
Anvil size: 120*55mm
Color: grey

Listed by : keith - Thursday, 06/02/22 00:11:28 EDT

   FOR SALE  Swage :
Old block 12 x 12 x 4 1/4" 100lbs pics avail upon request

Listed by : Rob Roy - Saturday, 06/25/22 05:50:50 EDT

   FOR SALE  Complete small blacksmith setup:
Can no longer forge due to severe tendinitis

120lb Trenton anvil, light marks, rounded edges. Comes with stump
5” post vise and 2’x4’ bench
Hardee cutoff
Hardee spring swage
Hardee bending fork
Hand crank rivet forge and trash can of soft coal
4’ square vent hood with 5” vent pipe opening
Assorted steel bar stock, about 100lbs ish
7 pairs tongs
Assorted files
Assorted smaller steel stock
4 hammers
Oxygen acetylene cutting torch setup

Located in Lancaster county PA

Listed by : Aaron Gasparich - Saturday, 07/02/22 05:27:01 EDT

   FOR SALE  Farriers Fuller Caulking Vise:
For sale is an Improved Fuller farrier's caulking horseshoe or blacksmith post vise on base. For pictures please look at eBay listing 225137548002. It has a 6" jaw and is about 34" tall with a 12" round base. The removable jaw has an angle that is a couple inches or so long to do different types of bending I believe. Very heavy and I would guess weight at about 125 pounds or so. Has a foot lever and handle to work the jaws. It looks to be in good condition with surface rust and everything moves as it should. There is a patent date of 5-2-88 on it below the Improved Fuller name. It is barn fresh and may need some lubrication but it does move easily as it is. Local pickup or I will work with a shipper you arrange. We are about an hour from Indianapolis or Cincinnati or Dayton Ohio and 2 from Columbus, Fort Wayne and Louisville Kentucky. Can hold for a little bit while you arrange pickup. May be able to meet in the Louisville area for a reasonable fee. Thank You!

Listed by : Tom Hittle - Sunday, 08/28/22 09:02:02 EDT

   WANTED  ISO Church Window anvil will tra:
I have a 302 pound Swedish Soderfors paragon anvil that I’d like to trade for a church window anvil, almost any condition it’s OK, just not broken badly and in semi usable condition. Prefer it be decent. My Soderfors is in great condition, many many years left in it. Please give me a buzz if you’re interested. Thank you. Cody.

Listed by : Cody Dickerson - Monday, 10/07/19 17:43:53 EDT

   WANTED  Armorers/Church Window anvil:
Fair prices  
Looking for a Church Window or Armorers flat back anvil with a history.
preferably a dated anvil.I am not looking to ruin a museum quality anvil but would like an anvil I can use to hold a stake anvil.
Willing to pay.

Listed by : Captain Kenneth Ezell - Tuesday, 07/27/21 02:13:22 EDT

   WANTED  Wagon tire bender :
Hello, I am looking to buy a wagon tire bender capable of rolling at least 4"X1/2" flat bar. Preferably I would like to find one in or near Colorado but for the right tool I'd be willing to ship.

Listed by : Greg Thues - Sunday, 12/05/21 05:34:14 EST

   FREE  Nashville Goodwill Forge + Vise: - Search assorted vintage tools. I'm no smith, but it looks like components for a forge and a post vise to me. Ends 1/25/2016, local pick only. There's no benefit to me, I just saw it and figured someone here may be able to snag a bargain.

Listed by : Josh Koch - Saturday, 01/23/16 03:10:57 UTC

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