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MACHINERY TIP OF THE DAY : Spring Guards on Power Hammers
Thursday Jan 26, 2023 - 26/44
Many Little Giant type hammers have retrofited spring and arm guards. When mechanical power hammer springs fail during use equipment damage and serious bodily injury may occur as flying shards may pass thru mesh guards intended to protect against larger broken parts. To reduce risk, surround the springs in a tough but flexible guard such as thick leather or big truck radiator hose. Judson Yaggy

   FOR SALE  Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb:
Priced to sell
Two years old with low hours. Excellent Condition

Air operated. Compressor Available.

Variable settings range from heavy blows to light tapping.
You can also set it to clamp and hold your work piece.
Very easy to feed work into the dies.

Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb

Listed by : Joe Greyson - Friday, 01/27/17 SOLD! Feb 3, 3017

   FOR SALE  LIL Giant 50lb:
lil giant 50 lb power hammer excellent condition priced to sell located in central IL please call for details

Listed by : troy - Tuesday, 04/07/20 19:32:37 EDT

   FOR SALE  LIL Giant 50lb:

Listed by : troy - Friday, 05/29/20 21:08:44 EDT

   FOR SALE  mayer bros. little giant 50 ham:
50# mayer bros. little giant trip hammer-2 hp 110 motor under power-ser.#547-can send video-270-519-5588 located in western ky.

Listed by : george bandarra - Thursday, 02/04/21 20:38:19 EST

   FOR SALE  Kunh 2000K/CF-22 Power Hammer :
50 lb ram, 3 hp, sing phase 220,
Massive 1000lb machine.
Self contained air supply
Clearance between dies ~8"
~225 blows/min (adjustable)
Force of blow approx 759J
Some dies provided

Listed by : Paul E Bell - Sunday, 05/02/21 12:27:07 EDT

   FOR SALE  Little Giant 50lb.:
Little Giant 50 lb. for sale. No motor (but you'd want something that fits your shop's electrical anyway). Located in Dane County WI. You may call 608-825-6768 for details.

Listed by : raito - Monday, 05/24/21 13:06:35 EDT

   FOR SALE  50 star power hammer:
50 pound star has 2 sets of dies and a motor included located in eastern Iowa nice condition

Listed by : Richard Dunkel - Friday, 03/18/22 08:30:26 EDT

   FOR SALE  50 star power hammer:
50 pound star has 2 sets of dies and a motor included located in eastern Iowa nice condition

Listed by : Richard Dunkel - Friday, 03/18/22 08:30:13 EDT

   FOR SALE  40kg Anyang Power Hammer 240V:
44kg Anyang Electric/Pneumatic Power Hammer with single phase 240V motor. Well Maintained, Medium/Lightly used over 6 years. Plus extra pair of knife making heads.

Listed by : Nathan Cole - Wednesday, 09/21/22 17:58:15 EDT

   FOR SALE  Kens Iron Works MZ75 Power Hamm:
Barely-used MZ75 power hammer from Ken's Iron Works. Selling because it bugs the neighbors. Was purchased new and used probably no more than a dozen times before we got a noise complaint. Located in the Avondale area of Chicago. Buyer must take the machine, no shipping.

Listed by : Ron Olson - Thursday, 01/26/23 13:08:38 EST


   WANTED  Unique Well made tools: :
Looking for small blacksmith and job shops to make tools for resale. We will provide detail drawings OR you may submit your designs. Need vendors to make common steel and sheet metal fabrications, small machine shops, welding and blacksmith shops. Prefer Eastern US or Southeast to reduce inbound shipping costs.


- guru - Tuesday, 03/02/2020 19:30:01 EDT

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