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Tuesday Mar 31, 2020 - 3/44
Morse, Bridgeport R8 and American Milling are the common tapers found on machine tools in North America. There are less common tapers on old machine tools (B&S and Jarno) that can be very difficult and expensive to find tools and chucks to fit. Know your tapers! - guru

   FOR SALE  Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb:
Priced to sell
Two years old with low hours. Excellent Condition

Air operated. Compressor Available.

Variable settings range from heavy blows to light tapping.
You can also set it to clamp and hold your work piece.
Very easy to feed work into the dies.

Iron-Kiss Octagon 50lb

Listed by : Joe Greyson - Friday, 01/27/17 SOLD! Feb 3, 3017


   WANTED  Unique Well made tools: :
Looking for small blacksmith and job shops to make tools for resale. We will provide detail drawings OR you may submit your designs. Need vendors to make common steel and sheet metal fabrications, small machine shops, welding and blacksmith shops. Prefer Eastern US or Southeast to reduce inbound shipping costs.


- guru - Tuesday, 03/02/2020 19:30:01 EDT

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